What is Magic Organic?

Magic-Organic Ice Cream is a self-contained, portable ice cream factory capable of producing everything from organic ice cream, frozen yoghurt or lactose free soft serve products without any risk of cross contamination.

How does it work?

This amazing patented device offer brands, concessionaires and event caterers an opportunity to up-sell ice cream, milkshakes, floats or sorbets from a single, free standing kiosk that can be manned by just one person.

Unique to the UK, Magic Organic has already proven to be a success at several UK locations like Sourced Market at St Pancras International and Cadbury World Bourneville as well as 70 other locations across Germany, and over 100 in Russia.

Why try it?

Your brand, your pricing, to suit your demands.

Magic Organic is ideal for everything from malls, events and coffee shops to cinemas, festivals and even weddings. And can be made available with bespoke branding or supported under the Magic-Organic brand.It’s also got great GP’s, 24 month shelf life products, low waste and meets dairy and gluten free standards.

What’s more, there’s no plumbing required, simply plug it into a standard socket and you’re ready to go.